100th Anniversary Series: A History of American Roadbuilding and the American Road & Transportation Builders Association


In February 2002, thAmerican Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding.
To mark this unique event, in 2000 ARTBA commissioned an impartial, interpretive, 10-part series on American road building and the role of ARTBA throughout the decades. Each part covered a single decade in chronological order, and was underwritten by a corporate sponsor.
Tom Kuennen, principal of  EXPRESSWAYSONLINE, was honored to have undertaken this exciting project on behalf of ARTBA, its members and the series’ corporate sponsors.
Below you will find links to each of the installments of this series, in *.pdf format, as published in ARTBA’s Transportation Builder Magazine. 

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1902-1909: ARTBA’s Founder Charts Early Interstate System, Grant Program (January 2001)
1910-1919: ARTBA Helps Achieve First Federal Investment in Roads (February 2001)
1920-1929: In Face of Federal Act’s Failure, ARTBA Fights to Preserve Program (March 2001)
1930-1939: As Depression Deepens, ARTBA Defends Road Program, User Taxes (April 2001) 
1940-1941: ARTBA Resumes Fight for Interstate System as World War II Ends (May 2001)
1950-1959: ARTBA Weathers Crises, Leverages Military to Support Birth of Interstate System (June 2001)
1960-1969: ARTBA Broadens Scope as ‘Golden Age’ of Highways Unfolds (July 2001)
1970-1979: ARTBA Battles Highway Funding Decline as Environmental Movement Grows (September 2001)
1980-1989: ARTBA Carries Fight for Gas Tax Increases as Nation Ponders Post-Interstate Era (October 2001)
1990-2001: ARTBA’s Aggressive Approach Helps Secure Three Record Transportation Funding Laws, Prepares Industry for 21st Century (November 2001)



America’s Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Design & Construction Professionals of the 20th Century (2004)